What To Bring

It is advisable to bring all of the items of clothing that you think you might need while visiting Hatobuilico as the shop does not sell clothing (some is available from the market).

You will need sturdy shoes for walking as the walking paths are stony and slippery.

Bring warm clothes – It can be very cold at night and also during the day if cloud and mist come in. In winter months you will definitely need a warm jacket and perhaps even a beanie and gloves. Consider bringing a couple of layers – you will not regret it! If you are climbing Mt Ramelau it can be bitterly cold near the summit so make sure you bring appropriate clothing.

Bring a rain coat and an umbrella if visiting in the rainy months. At any time of the year, bring a hat – the sun can be strong and you will need shade in the middle of the day. Consider bringing a long sleeved shirt for sun protection also.

In the summer months, you may only need light clothing during the day but cloud can come over quickly and then warmer clothes will be needed. It is advisable to always carry a warm top when you walk, even in the summer.

When staying at the guesthouses you will be provided with blankets and a pillow. It is advisable to bring a sleeping sheet and you would appreciate your own sleeping bag if you have one.

Bring a head torch or a torch and spare batteries. You will need a torch to take the sunrise walk to Mt Ramelau and you will also need a torch to negotiate your way to the bathroom at night after the town electricity has cut out at 11 pm.

In summer months, you might bring insect repellent for flies and sometimes mosquitoes. Malaria is very rare in Hatobuilico.

When walking, you might benefit from walking poles.

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