Walking is clearly the reason that most people visit Hatobuilico. Mt Ramelau is the highest mountain in Timor Leste and many people come to Hatobuilico just to walk to the summit.  Mt Ramelau is 2,963 metres.

However, there are many other magnificent walks that you can do when you visit Hatobuilico and we strongly recommend that you stay for a few days and enjoy some of these.

A booklet describing the main walks in and around Hatobuilico can be downloaded.  Please read it and consider walking in the beautiful hills surrounding Hatobuilico.

Remember that a local guide is necessary if you are going out on a walk. Guides know their area very well and they can negotiate the way for you as well as introduce you as you pass though people’s homes and gardens, sort out any problems that arise, explain about the traditions and environment. In an area where the income is largely gained from subsistence farming, guiding is another important source of income. By using a guide, you not only ensure your personal safety and that you meet local standards and protocols but you contribute to the local economy.

See the separate section for advice about using guides as well as the list of walks.

You will get to meet many peopleas they go about their daily lives, pretty much as they have done for centuries.

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