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If you plan to drive yourself and you are new to the roads in Timor-Leste, be aware that being on the roads in Timor is quite a different experience to that of first world countries! We recommend that if you hire a car it might be a good idea to hire a driver. You will need a 4WD.

See the information below on where to rent cars, public transport or take a tour.

A note of caution!

You need to take considerable care when driving in rural areas of Timor-Leste as roads can be in very poor condition, can drop away or have potholes. In times of rain, mud and negotiating landslides can be an issue. Roads are narrow, steep and very windy and you will need to negotiate your way past motor bikes, trucks, buses and other vehicles as well as people on foot. The road is sometimes used to lay out coffee or beans for drying, walking small children to and from school and generally hanging out. Also beware of animals that can unexpectedly jump out onto the road – large and small. People also live very close to the roads.

If you are prepared to drive slowly and responsively to the road conditions, then driving yourself will be an exciting experience.

Hiring a driver is a very good option and some car hire companies will easily arrange a driver for you; some have drivers for their cars. It is very common for locals from Dili to use drivers as they are accustomed to safely traverse the roads. The usual cost of hiring a driver is $20.00 per day. You may also need to cover other expenses such as meals and accommodation (though some drivers may elect to sleep in the car).

Hire a car
Please note – you will need a 4WD vehicle to drive to Hatobuilico.
There are several places to rent a car in Dili. You might like to shop around for the best price but a typical rental fee will range between $90 – $120 per day plus a small additional fee for insurance. You can hire with your own driver’s license and all drivers must be recorded. Hire rates are per day and you can usually negotiate a half day rate too.

As in any country, you should take care that all defects are noted on the inspection sheet.

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