How To Get There

You have several ways to get to Hatobuilico. They all involve adventure! If your start is not in Timor-Leste, then you need to travel to the capital Dili, the only port of entry into the country (unless you travel by land from West Timor).

Hatobuilico is 112 kms from Dili and the travel time by car is about 5.5 hours (depending on the number of stops that you take along the way). With some simple directions to follow, it is an easy drive and you will find the ever-changing scenery and communities fascinating. When you turn onto the Hatobuilico road you move into the most beautiful, untouched mountain environment with people living traditional lifestyles. A trip to Hatobuilico will stay with you forever.

You can only travel by road. For a good map we suggest that you download the for Timor-Leste app onto your Smartphone. This works to show location even if you don’t have reception.

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