About This Website

Sitting at the foot of Mt Ramelau, Hatobuilico is also very mountainous. Tourism is very important to the economy of Hatobuilico. There is much opportunity to develop the kind of tourism that supports the local people and enhances the economy.

We believe that people will find a visit to Hatobuilico, Mt Ramelau and the surrounding area an enriching and memorable experience. You will love it! This region is reliant on growing vegetables and getting these to market. There are many constraints facing farmers including lack of water potage, limited transport, poor roads and heavy rain in the wet season.

Hatobuilico needs tourists – tourists have much to gain from visiting Hatobuilico.

Stay for a few days, rest and relax as well as take some of the variety of walks that are here for you to do!

This website was developed with funding from the Australian Volunteer International Community Grants Scheme. The Scheme is thanked and acknowledged for its invaluable support.

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